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a family office

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HDVV Group,
a family office


Radical honesty & transparency

For us, radical honesty is about living a more authentic life and being happy by telling the truth. This way, we can be radically transparent about ourselves, share ideas more easily, celebrate successes more often and learn faster from our mistakes.

Respect and kindness

Being kind and respectful to each other and helping others without expecting to receive anything in return is the key to happiness. We strongly believe in it, and we are doing our best every day to live by it.

Meaningful relationships

Our daily goal is to achieve and enjoy meaningful relationships with our colleagues, partners, and clients. This way, we ensure that we spend our precious time on earth the best way possible.


The term happiness is often used in the context of life satisfaction and an overall state of well-being - mentally and physically. Our goal is to be happy, and help others become happy.

About us

We leverage talent, technology, and smart systems to improve the lifes of many.

Everyday is day one

After 20 years of experience working with world-renowned brands and top-performing organizations, we support our partners with our knowledge, dedication, and passion.

Beyond knowledge, we always thrive for excellence in whatever we do for ourselves and for our partners.

A bespoke team at your service

Beyond investing we are here to help. With a world-wide network of highly skilled talents, we are used to perform miracles.

Loyal and trustworthy

Our core team is working together for 20+ years. Our actions are based on experience, a lot of it. We are helping our portfolio company to focus on what is important: bringing value to partners and customers.

You got to know us.
Now we are talking.

HDVV Group GmbH
Mühlbaurstr. 1
81677 München


Managing Director:
Denis Raskopoljac

Court Munich HRB 215587

​Responsible for content:
HDVV Group GmbH
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